ShipExec™ Version 2 Release Notes

For information regarding technical issues, please review the ShipExec Revision History.

ShipExec 2.3 (2.3.22207.1)

Application Segmentation Improvements

Improved application segmentation in Management Studio and Thin Client to improve performance and security. Updated the installer to support the new application segments.

Improvements in Application Logging

Added trace logging to ShippingAPI and AdminstratorAPI to improve troubleshooting.

Improvements to Client-side Business Rules (CBR)

ClientContext is no longer available in Client Business Rules.

ShipExec 2.2 Update 7 (2.2.22xxx.x)

Updated Service-side Business Rules (SBR) to Improve Searches

Added three additional search methods to BusinessObjectAPI (GetPackagesByGlobalMSN, GetPackagesByGlobalBundleId, and GetPackagesByTrackingNumber (2.3 Update1 Only)).

ShipExec 2.2 Update 6 (2.2.22139.1)

Improved Search Performance

Added search criteria for pending packages and history search to include GlobalGroupId and ManifestId

Brexit Enhancements

Updated commercial invoice and commodities procedures throughout Europe to reflect Brexit changes.

ShipExec 2.2 Update 5.1 (2.2.22109.0)

General Maintenance

Bootstrap Update

ShipExec 2.2 Update 4 (2.2.22005.1)

Improved User Registration

Added a Register User notifications to allow user approvers to be emailed when a user registration request is received. Users denied approval will receive an email indicated they were not approved.

Changes to the UPS Adapter for Time in Transit

Updated the calculation for the Time in Transit to exclude Saturday and Sunday in the numbers of transit days.

ShipExec 2.2 Update 3.2 (2.2.21333.1)

Added New Functions to the Business Rule Object to support SFTP

Added RetrieveData and UpdateData to the BusinessObjectAPI to support send and receiving files from a SFTP server.

ShipExec 2.2 Update 3 (2.2.21291.1)

Updated ShipExec .NET Framework to use version 4.8

All components in ShipExec are now using the 4.8 version of the .NET Framework. Any new business rules and adapters should point to this framework version.

Added Import One-Stop Shop Value Added Tax Support for European Union

Added new fields to support Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) Value Added Tax (VAT) and added those fields to the Thin Client on the International Tab. Added support for IOSS VAT in the UPS and CS Adapters.

Improved Database Performance

Added new indexes to the Application Database (AppDb) to improve performance.

Added new search fields for CompanyId and TransactionId to Management Studio Application log to further limit searches.

ShipExec 2.2 Update 2 (2.2.21218.1)

Made Performance Improvements

Made changes to existing methods and store procedure to improve CPU usage and better utilize memory.

New Methods to the Server Business Rules

Added new methods for Pickups, Ship, and Custom Data to be used within the Server Business Rules. See ShipExec Revision History for more information.

Moved Server Business Rules from server to a Database

The System Administrator will now be able to use Management Studio to load and update Server Business Rules.

ShipExec 2.2 Update 1 (2.2.21153.1)

Saturday Rating for Services Supporting Saturday Delivery

Added an additional set of services when rating. For each service added, a duplicate service with the Saturday flag will also rated and returning all the rates.

Based on internal testing, we recommend limiting batch printing to 250 labels per batch. If printing a single label per package then the batch should be limited to 250 packages. If printing two labels per package then the number of packages should be limited to 125 packages.

ShipExec 2.2 (2.2.21147.2)

Saturday Rating for Services Supporting Saturday Delivery

Added an additional set of services when rating. For each service added, a duplicate service with the Saturday flag will also rated and returning all the rates.

Based on internal testing, we recommend limiting batch printing to 250 labels per batch. If printing a single label per package then the batch should be limited to 250 packages. If printing two labels per package then the number of packages should be limited to 125 packages.

ShipExec 2.2 (2.2.21110.1)

Management Studio Import Templates

Added sample HTML template files for reports and user interface modeling. This will provide a starting point for custom screen templates and reports. Also added a XML schema file as a download within the import dialog box to help with formatting the file import.

New Language Support

New language support has been added for both Management Studio and Thin Client components for German and Mexico-Spanish.

Server Business Rule Enhancements

A new business rule has been created to support the ability to modify documents and printing parameters. The new server-side business rule (ModifyPrint) that can be invoked prior to print to allow modification of the PDOC content. This method requires the user implement IBusinessObject2 as part of their business rule.

Schedule the export of Reports

In Management Studio you can now schedule the automated export of history reports.

Improvements to Shipment Receipts

Added Shipper and Consignee Reference fields to the Shipment Receipt Label. Additional checks have been added during batch processing to ensure the shipment ships successfully prior to printing Shipment Receipt.

Added New Profile Options

Added new options for the History Page to restrict searches to just the user's shipments. Notifications for each level System, Company, and Site can now be disabled from showing in the Thin Client. Added profile options to control User Interface (UI) Elements for Add Commodity (Goods) tab and Add Hazmat Contents tabs to disable or rename those buttons.

Moved Validation List

Validation Lists are now a named Company-wide or Site-wide list that can be selected in a profile. Added named Validation Lists for both Company and Site Level as a new menu option under Data Management to manage validation lists. Removed validation list from the Profile Field Options and replaced them with the managed validation list under the Data Management Menu.

Added New Address field to Consignee, Return, and Origin addresses in Thin Client

Added the Address code field to the shipping page. The Address Code is a unique code that can be used to quickly select an address from the address book.

Added new International fields to the International Shipping tab

Added the following international fields to the International Tab: AdditionalHardcopyDocumentation, ForwardingAgent.TaxId, Producer.TaxId, GoodsOrigin.Email, Consignee.Email, Markings, ExportDeclarationStatement, InvoiceInsurance, InvoiceOtherFee, RoutedExportTransaction, SedMethod[1-ShipperFiled(Included), 2-AES Filed(Electronically Filed), 3-UPS Filed(Carrier Provided)], AES Transaction Number, SED Exemption Number, SED Shipment Reference Number.

UPS Adapter Improvements

Added fields on the UPS Commercial Invoice: declarative statement, Insurance Fee, and Other Invoice Fee. Removed support for COD shipments. Added the ability to allow a key label per shipper.

ShipExec 2.1 Update 12 (2.1.20350.1)

Group Management and Printing Improvements

Improved Group and Shipment (Bundle) document printing and corrected several issues related to UPS WorldEase processing. Fixed several issues with the Group Manager and Closeout that were causing errors.

ShipExec 2.1 Update 11 (2.1.20318.3)

Profile Enhancement for System Notifications

Added new settings to profile to hide system, company, and site notifications.

ShipExec 2.1 Update 10 (2.1.20302.1)

Enhancement to User Copy Function in Management Studio

The user copy function will now include the address and custom data from the user you are copying.

Enhanced User Import

Added the ability to set user permissions for Comma Separated Value (CSV) User Imports.

Enhanced Complete View Shipping Batch Template

Added new column to allow for proof of delivery and package dimensional units and removed unused fields for credit cards.

Added Shipper Sorting to Management Studio and Thin Client

The list of shippers in Management Studio and Thin Client will by default be sorted by the shipper name.

Removed Defaulted Port in Printer Configuration

Removed the Local Port from the Printer Configuration from defaulting to ShipExecPrinter. Local Port will default to blank.

Added Confirmation When Deleting a Company or Voiding a Package

When Deleting a Company you will need to confirm the deletion.

Document Enhancement and Fixes

Added Pickup Record Number to the Receipt Document. Fixed an issue with the barcode for the License Plate Label, Fixed an issue that caused the backup label for Paperless Commercial Invoice not to print.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 9 (2.1.20266.1)

Various Bug Fixes for the Thin Client and the UPS Adapter

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 8 (2.1.20238.1)

Report Export Enhancements

The export fields for the detailed reports are now separate from the report and can be configured in a new tab (Export) using the Management Studio.

Added Field Options for Pickup Request

There are now field options in profiles for pickup request that allows you to set caption and/or hidden.

Enhancements for Complete View Shipping Batch Template

Added new fields to the Complete View Shipping Template for batch to improve processing. Fields added are Description, Shipper Symbol, and Ship Date. The Template has been updated to reflect the new fields.

Added Pickup Time Validation

The pickup request time uses a 24 hour format (23:59) and new validation was added to ensure the proper format is used.

User will now only see the menu items that they have permissions for in the Thin Client.

Change for Address Validation Warning

The Address Validation in the Thin Client is only valid for the United States and Puerto Rico. For addresses that are not United States or Puerto Rico will only give you a cancel option.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 7 (2.1.20209.1)

The Password reset email will be sent to the Thin Client for users with a role of 'user', others users will receive both Thin Client and Management Studio links.

Thin Client Address Book Refresh

The address book in the Thin Client will now refresh after adding a new address book entry.

UPS Adapter Postal Code required

The UPS Adapter will require a postal code for all countries/territories except for Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, and Benin.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 6 (2.1.20202.1)

User Import Using CSV File

When a user CSV file is imported, the import will search for a company column.

License Plate (Shipment Request) Supports All Service Selection Modes

The License Plate feature now allows you to use any of the service selection modes.

UPS Adapter Forces StateProvince to Uppercase

To help ensure that the StateProvince is passing valid values to the UPS API the StateProvince will shift values to uppercase.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 5 (2.1.20195.1)

Enhanced the Schedule Service to allow multiple field validations in one file.

The Schedule Service now has an option for a CSV file. Each column in the file can be mapped to import as a validation list for a ShipExec field.

Sites in the User Manager will now be sorted alphabetically

The Site filter in the User Manager will now sort sites alphabetically.

Changed the Email Validation to Allow More valid Emails

The email validation will now allow special characters and 7 characters in the root domain.

UPS Adapter Field Validation Changes

To comply with UPS API requirements we will truncate the following address fields to 35 characters: Company, Contact, and Address Lines. Company and Contact fields are required for Consignee (Ship To) and Origin (Ship From) addresses.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 4 (2.1.20189.1)

Enhanced the Management Studio Drop-downs

The Drop-down lists in the Management Studio are now sorted alphabetically to make it easier to find the your option.

UPS Adapter Rating Enhancement

Implemented a change to the rating process to reduce the number of API calls by submitting one request to rate multiple services.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 3 (2.1.20171.1)

Single Sign-on Configuration Changes to Support Separate Each Application

The Single Sign-on configuration now has separate configurations for Management Studio and Thin Client.

Enhancement to the CSV File Import for Users

The CSV file format for user import will enable all the permissions. If you want to control which permission are enabled, you should switch to the XML user file import.

Improved Adapter Registration When Importing a Company

The company import will now add the adapter registration for shipping adapters even if the there are no more Shippers mapped.

Enhanced Company Profile

When configuring a company level profile, all shippers for the company are available to be selected. This includes shippers linked to a site.

Management Studio Imports Can Now Append or Replace

The object imports in Management Studio for User, Box Types, Commodities, and Address Books now have an option to replace all entries. If replace all, is not selected then import will append new records.

Document Printing Enhancement

The Thin Client will have a new option when configured to view the documents. Users will have a new button to print all documents at once.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 2 (2.1.20160.1)

Scheduled Import/Export of Configuration Data

ShipExec now utilizes a new scheduler service that allows an administrator to import or export data of the following data types: Box Type, Commodity Content, Hazmat Content, Address Book Entries, Users, Validation List. The schedules are managed in the ShipExec Management Studio at either the Company or Site level in the Data Management menu. An administrator will be able to separately configure the external FTP location, the type of import or export, and the interval (daily, weekly, or monthly).

There is a new ShipExec Scheduler Service application that needs to be installed to support Scheduler functionality

Enhanced Profiles to support customizing the displayed name and order of Payment Terms

Administrators can now limit, rename and order the list of types of payment terms that display in the ShipExec Thin Client.

Enhanced Profiles to support customizing the displayed name and order of Packaging Types

Administrators can now limit, rename and order the list of types of packaging that display in the ShipExec Thin Client.

Mailroom Processing Management Studio

Added the profile settings for mailroom processing to Disable Ship, Enable License Plate, Enable MailRoom Processing, Enable Load From MailRoom, Disable Load From BusinessRule and Default Load From.

ShipExec Logging information is now viewable from within the ShipExec Management Studio

The logging data that was only available with server access is now available from ShipExec Management Studio and is filterable to better help with troubleshooting issues.

Mailroom Processing Thin Client

Added the ability to view all mailroom shipments and select to load the shipment. Added the ability to load the shipment from mailroom. Added the ability to create mailroom shipment and print a barcode to be scanned by mailroom, and ability to ship through mailroom.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 1.5 (2.1.20147.1)

International Multi-Piece Return Enhancements

ShipExec users can now process international multi-piece returns when using UPS Adapter.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 1.4 (2.1.20137.1)

Added View Model (vm) to Client-Side Business Rules

Business rule writers can now access the view model (vm) for the shipping template in their business rule functions.

Improved Import User DB Performance

The Application Database (AppDb) stored procedures have been updated to improve importing of users.

Added Functionality to Create Schedule to Perform Import/Export Task by Scheduler

Administrators will now be able to create schedule to perform task configured in data configuration mapping like import/export data.The schedule can be created to execute on daily, weekly and monthly

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 1.3 (2.1.20121.2)

Added Source Configuration in Management Studio for Scheduler

Administrators will now be able to configure source configuration details such as Host Address, UserName, Password for scheduler.

Added New Field Option Capabilities

Administrators will now be able to edit non-package field options (UI Element Properties) for buttons, tabs, and accessorial captions.

ShipExec™ 2.1 Update 1 (2.1.20106.1)

Added Import/Export Functionality for Profiles

Administrators will be able to import or export profiles in XML file format using Management Studio.

Improved Merging of Layered Profiles

Profile settings can now be true, false, or not set. This enables profiles to be merged without settings being overwritten when profiles are layered.

Added Approval of User Request for Enterprise Administrators

This functionally allows you to approve user requests for any company in the enterprise.

Added Complete View Shipping Enhancements to Support Migrations

These features include a UPS receipt, shipping origin based on User, a shipping screen with who pays what payment options, and the ability to use key labels.

Enhancements to Single Sign-on

ShipExec now supports SAML2. In addition, OAuth 2.0 OpenId Connect now supports Authorization Code flow.

ShipExec™ 2.1 (2.1.20024.4)

ProfileSetting boolean are changed to tristate enumeration

New Class with ProfileSettings with tristate attributes instead of booleans. Existing ProfileSettings are migrated to new ProfileSettings table

Removed support for Microsoft Windows 2008, 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008

Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2008 and SQL 2008, and ShipExec now requires Windows 2012 and SQL 2012 or higher.

New database functionality requires Microsoft SQL Server 2008. You will not be able to complete the installation without a compatible version.

A New Enterprise Administration Level Has been added

The enterprise administrator will be able to administer companies that are part of the enterprise. The enterprise administrator will also be able to create new companies that will be part of that enterprise.

Added Save Pending Shipment Functionality

Users working on a shipment can now save a shipment, then return to it later by clicking the Pending Shipment button.

Added Import/Export Functionality for Sites and Users

Company administrators or above will be able to import or export a site in XML file format. Site administrators or above will be able to import or export users for levels they can access in Managements Studio.

Added Support to define field settings in profile for Commodity Contents (Goods) and Hazardous Materials

This functionality allows you set field specific options like: Field Caption, Default Value, Data Validation, Required, Hidden, Disabled, and Carry Forward options for Commodity Contents and Hazardous Materials.

Added Hazardous Materials List to Management Studio with import and export functionality

This provides company and site level hazardous materials list that can be used to manually add to your shipments.

Added UPS Simple Rate Service to the UPS Adapter

You will now be able to ship using the new Flat Rate shipping service, using the new boxes in the Packaging drop-down. This requires you update your UPS Adapter configuration by clicking the update icon (the down arrow) in the adapter tab.

Added UPS Ground Freight Pricing service to the UPS Adapter

A new service has been added to the UPS Adapter allow ground freight rating.

ShipExec™ 2.0 Update 3 (2.0.19296.6)

Added Single Sign-On (SSO) with OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect

SSO is now a login option setting at the company level. This option impacts logins for both Management Studio and Thin Client.

Added Commodity Contents List to Management Studio with import and export functionality

This provides a Company level Commodity Content List that can be used to manually add Goods to your shipments.

Added Pickup Request support to enable user to request pickups on-demand

This allows a user to setup a pickup for a shipment if they are not a daily pickup customer for a carrier. This is currently available for the UPS Adapter.

Added support to define field settings in profiles to set field parameters in the Thin Client

This functionality allows you set field specific options like: Field Caption, Default Value, Data Validation, Required, Hidden, Disabled, and Carry Forward options.

Added Reporting to the History results in the Thin Client

You can now use the History Search to set reporting criteria for reports on Detailed, Summary, Upgrade, Void, and Sorted built in reports. Custom reports can also be created at Company and Site levels.

ShipExec™ 2.0 Update 2.1 (2.0.19182.1)

Added Search in Management Studio

Key lists in Management Studio can be filtered to find the item you need faster. See Revision History for more details.

Added Export functionality to Address Books and Box Types

Export your company or site's address books or box types from ShipExec to allow for backup, or to make changes and re-import.

Renamed Service Routing to Shipping Routing

In order to provide better context to the routing functionality, we are renaming the Service Route to Shipping Route to improve clarity.

Renamed the Import/Export tab to Data Management

Change the name of the Import/Export tab to allow for future features that would go beyond just importing and exporting data.

Various Bug Fixes

Fixed bugs in the installers, and other bug fixes. See Revision History for more details.

Customer Release Candidate Update 2 (2.0.19158.1)

Added Service Routing

The administrator can create a new service by matching the rating and shipping from different adapters/carriers/services.

Added Distribution List

Create a distribution list by selecting addresses from address books. Then use the distribution list to ship a standard shipment to everyone in the distribution list.

Added Batch Templates

Simplify the batch process by using standardized templates. There are templates for ShipExec XML, ShipExec JSON, and Complete View Shipping.

Added Announcements

Administrators can now create announcements for users. The announcements can be system-wide, company-wide, or site-wide.

Added User Registration

Administrators can create a registration key to allow users to request to be added to the system. Keys can be created at company or site levels.

Added Service Mode Selection

Add new profile setting to enable shipping in different modes. The default mode is Ship By Service, other modes are: Ship By Date, Rate Quote Shipping, and Priority Shipping. The Rate Quote and Priority Modes has six different sort mode options.

Added Client Page Templates

Change the look of the pages in the ShipExec Thin Client using Templates.

Added Import Function for Box Types

Add a list of your companies' boxes into the system. In the profiles administrators can select which boxes to include. A template is provided to help format the import file.

Transaction Metering

The System will track a count of shipping, rating, and other transactions, by company, site, user, computer for cloud billing.

Customer Release Candidate Update 1 (2.0.19095.2)

Improved Address Books

Users will now be able to add or import their own address book(s) at the user level. Administrators can now disable address books at Company, Site and User Levels in profiles. Added Address Book Group to provide an additional search criteria to help filter large address books.

Address Validation Enhancements

Address validation can now be configured to execute for the consignee address when you rate and/or ship.

Customer Release Candidate (2.0.19045.1)

Multi-Tenant Architecture

A single web service instance can now support multiple companies or organizations. This can also allow customer to separate subsidiaries, customers, or locations in to different security groups.

Web-Based Configuration Management

Direct access to server is no longer required for administration. Most configuration can now be completed using the new web-based Management Studio. You can manage: companies, sites, shippers, adapter configurations, hardware configurations, business rule configurations, documents, and profiles, all from one web site.

Expanded Administrative Hierarchy

We have taken the flat administration structure and created a new hierarchy that allows several new levels of administration in a simple management process.

Profile Enhancements

We have added the ability to apply profiles at company and site levels in addition to the existing user and machine profiles levels available in the past.

Multiple Address Books

There is now the ability to have multiple address books for a company, as well as multiple address books for sites.

Expanded Web Service Support

The web service is now natively configuration to support both REST and SOAP utilizing both authentication and authorization to ensure proper access.

Business Rule Improvements

Client side business rules can now be fully managed via the Management Studio web site. New client and server business rule events have been added. Business rules can now be assigned in a profile so different business rules can be used depending on the profile being used. For the client business rules JQuery access to client was removed.

Thin Client User Interface Enhancements

The Thin Client has been updated with a new look. The menus have been simplified and administrative functions have been removed and moved to the Management Studio. The communication bindings have been simplified allowing for easier configuration.

Visibility Support

New infrastructure support has been added to ShipExec to allow the addition of tracking adapters. In addition; functionality to route tracking requests between adapters and carriers was also added.

UPS Tracking Adapter

The official launch of the UPS Tracking adapter has been released. The tracking adapter utilities the UPS Developer Kit API to provide tracking information to the system.

UPS Adapter Ground Freight Pricing

Enhanced the UPS Shipping Adapter to support Ground Freight Pricing.

Report Template Change

For customizing report template inside the company in the management studio, there is a change in tableParams name. For Summary report, use vm.tableParamsForSummary instead of vm.tableParams (ng-table = vm.tableParamsForSummary) For Detailed report, use vm.tableParamsForDetailed instead of vm.tableParams (ng-table = vm.tableParamsForDetailed)

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