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Installing ShipExec Core

This topic explains the steps to install ShipExec™ Core.

Note Note

The ShipExec™ Core installer is available on the web site in the downloads section.

Please contact your sales representative for access to the downloads page.

Installing ShipExec™ Core

  1. Run the ShipExec Core installer as an Administrator.

  2. At the welcome page, click Next to start the installation.

    Ship Exec Core 1
  3. Select destination for the application and click Next.

    Ship Exec Core 2
    Note Note

    If you are upgrading an existing installation you will asked to overwrite the existing content.

    Ship Exec Core 2-1
  4. Specify the SMTP settings for ShipExec

    Smtp Dialog
    Note Note

    Please refer to the topic Configuring An Email Server for more information about these configuration values

  5. Click Finish to complete the install.

    Ship Exec Core 3